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London is a place full of wonders - old and new, hidden and in plain sight.

My name is Jonathan Wober. I'm a qualified City of London Guide Lecturer, Clerkenwell & Islington Guide and Green Badge Tourist Guide of the Institute of Tourist Guiding.

My blog, social mediaphotos, videosmusic and guided walks aim to help you in wandering London's wonders.

Walks and tours typically last around two hours and are listed on the Guided Walks page. Please contact me with any queries about these tours and to enquire about private tours or talks and presentations.

To receive walking tour schedules and blog posts by email, please subscribe (for free) at the bottom of the page

Jonathan Wober
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Client comments on London On The Ground walks and talks

"a great tour around Clerkenwell... Immensely enjoyable and packed with fascinating details." Jul 2024

"…most enjoyable, and informative, even to us long-term residents of the area (40+ years!)" Jul 2024

"Huge fun, as ever, 5* and thoroughly recommended!" Jul 2024

"Thanks again to the brilliant London On The Ground for a wonderful couple of hours of time travel." Jul 2024

"Excellent walk! Many thanks! Really informative and a great opportunity for some picture taking." Jun 2024

"Great walk yesterday! I thoroughly enjoyed it." Jun 2024

"...such an insightful and entertaining guide." Jun 2024


"Excellent walk - really interesting and a really great guide." Jun 2024

"Great walk, Jonathan, thanks!" Jun 2024

"A fascinating walk through 60s and 70s Islington - or what remains!" Jun 2024

"We really enjoyed the tour, ...many thanks for being so accommodating." May 2024

"Fascinating and fabulous. Recommend for both London locals and visitors. Do it, you’ll love it." May 2024

"Fantastic, so interesting, highly recommend these walks." May 2024

"Very enjoyable..., good pace, very informative, will definitely be back." May 2024

"Another wonderful walk with the excellent - and highly recommended - London On The Ground... Fantastic stuff." May 2024

"A thoroughly enjoyable and informative two hours - we all could have listened for two more hours and Jonathan has the knowledge to do it!" Apr 2024

"…lovely tours…" Apr 2024

"Thank you so much for the Becket walk. I learnt lots of new information." Apr 2024

"We all very much enjoyed the  walk." Apr 2024

"I [write] to say how much everyone enjoyed the walk and the visit to Temple Bar… very informative and interesting... a great morning." Mar 2024


"...climbed the Tower at St Mary’s... At 74 years old and two dodgy knees I thought I must be mad. With the help, encouragement and patience from Jonathan I managed... It was well worth every step. As an Islington lass for me it was quite quite special." Mar 2024

"What a memorable [walk]… I could see how much our friends enjoyed the tour." Feb 2024

"Thoroughly enjoyed the tour, thanks!" "Was a great tour." Feb 2024

"Great walking tour of Islington to learn a little more of our area." Jan 2024

"…a wonderful well researched walk in the City of London on the theme of Dickens' Christmas Carol …Highly recommended." Dec 2023

"...fascinating and insightful and brought to life with lots of lovely quotes ...Highly recommended." Dec 2023

"…fabulous afternoon as ever." "Terrific day." "Fabulous thanks so much." "Wonderful walk, wonderful company!" Dec 2023

"…very authoritative." "Top work, I thoroughly enjoyed it." "…brilliant!" "Amazing" "Well done. Really good talk." Dec 2023

"Please thank Mr Jonathan Wober - on my behalf - for the excellent talk on William Shakespeare. I found it very enlightening." Dec 2023

"Jonathan is engaging and witty and oh! so knowledgeable. Would recommend this Tour to all who love Shakespeare. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon." Nov 2023

"Another fab tour with Jonathan Wober. The walk is very interesting. Lots of London and Shakespeare trivia." Nov 2023

"I learned so much and discovered places I would never have known. Extremely interesting and well worth attending." Sep 2023

"Thank you for another very enjoyable walk. So good! Looking forward to another one." Sep 2023

"Thank you so much for your talk... Your audience – including me! – found it quite fascinating."
Sep 2023

"I would just like to say how amazing Jonathan was. It was a fantastic walk... Everyone loved it." Sep 2023

"Another walk where you think you know the patch and Jonathan shows you the hidden stories!" Jul 2023

"Really fun afternoon (and I learnt stuff)." Jun 2023

"My wife, myself and a friend had a very enjoyable walk with Jonathan around Clerkenwell this afternoon and enjoyed the informative dialogue and the hidden places visited." May 2023

"Ace tour today - daughter’s been learning about the Great Fire at school, so we went on London on the Ground's tour. The best way to learn history is to go walk it, with a knowledgeable guide. Thanks Jonathan." May 2023

"...a huge thank you for Friday’s wonderful tour of Angel. ...very impressed by your extensive knowledge." May 2023

"Such a wonderful walk around one of the loveliest parts of London." May 2023

"A great afternoon visiting a part of Islington I thought I knew but found out more and more about!" May 2023

"Thank you for a great and interesting walk... We were very impressed by your knowledge and stories." May 2023


"The guided tour of St Mary's, Upper Street, Islington was fascinating and the view from the top of the tower was very special indeed." May 2023

"Thanks for a great walk." May 2023


"What a great way to spend the morning in the City learning about Shakespeare!" May 2023

"A fascinating walk... Hope to do many more." Apr 2023

" amazing Shakespeare walk today. Two hours spent wandering round bits of London I didn’t even know where there! Eye-opening, fascinating stuff." Apr 2023

"Fantastic walking tour of some of London’s secret spaces with the brilliant Jonathan Wober... if you possibly can, go to the website and book a place on his next tour!" Apr 2023

"Always informative. Always highly entertaining." Apr 2023

"This was a masterful insight into a part of London steeped in history!" Apr 2023

"Lovely tour, thank you! Great to go inside Temple Bar." Mar 2023

"Great walk and talk. Wonderful way to spend an afternoon." Mar 2023


"...a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon, the tour was brilliantly structured and Jonathan's narrative flowed beautifully - hugely informative and very entertaining." Feb 2023

"Thank you for the lovely walk." Jan 2023

"I really enjoyed the walk yesterday, so many places I'd not been to or noticed and lovely to hear more about the ones I have. Thank you." Nov 2022

"A wonderful walk, ...don’t miss it!" Nov 2022

"Great tour of the City with Jonathan. Incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, have lived in the City for years and I still learned a lot. Highly recommended." Oct 2022

"Many thanks for the lovely walk in the City, which I thoroughly enjoyed." Sep 2022

"Thank you for an excellent tour. As usual there were all sorts of discoveries." Sep 2022

"It was a brilliant tour and packed with amazing insights that we didn’t know of despite living here for so long." Sep 2022


"…really enjoyed the walk, I learnt a lot ...Presentation was good, clear and punchy, and obviously based on a lot of research." Sep 2022

"Fabulous tour, informative, entertaining, very friendly. Excellent, highly recommended." Jul 2022

"Great walk." Jul 2022

"Well structured, paced and delivered, learned a lot." Jul 2022

"We really enjoyed our tour, …so interesting!" Jul 2022


"Jonathan brought the history of the City to life in an informative and entertaining way. I highly recommend and will definitely do more guided walks with London on the Ground." Jun 2022

"Thanks for a great tour Jonathan. We were very impressed by  your in-depth knowledge..." May 2022


"...well informed and well delivered bites of history." May 2022

"Informative, lively and highly recommended! Jonathan is a wonderful guide. I was happy to discover many new bits of history and beauty in my favourite city. Thank you!" May 2022

"Wonderful walk experiencing ancient Roman London" "...excellent [walk] and great details!" May 2022

"I really enjoyed the tour and the insights offered. Thank you very much!" Apr 2022


"…a fantastic walking tour of secret spaces in the City of London, thanks to our fabulous tour guide Jonathan Wober." Apr 2022

"…Walk with the very well informed Jonathan Wober…" Apr 2022

"Highly recommended. Meticulously researched. We saw lots of little-known corners of the City of London." Apr 2022

"Another wonderful guided walk." Apr 2022

"…we all really enjoyed our tour and will certainly be back for more." Mar 2022

"Jonathan is a terrific guide, knows his history for sure but also makes you feel right at ease so you can really enjoy the day." Feb 2022

"...fantastic... I'll definitely be booking for other tours given by Jonathan. Thoroughly recommended!" Feb 2022

"...from toddler to teens to parents and granny...everyone had a fantastic time!" Feb 2022

"A lovely walk through the City today…Thank you, London On The Ground." Jan 2022

"A Christmas Carol walk with the great Jonathan Wober. Fantastic stuff. Thanks!" Jan 2022

"Thank you London On The Ground (Jonathan) for a fabulous tour. Learned so much… very enjoyable" Dec 2021

"Brilliant walk" Dec 2021

"What a brilliant afternoon we had on Jonathan Wober’s guided 'Londinium' walk. So many fascinating nooks and secret places to explore, and Jonathan kept us all (adults, teenager and two year old!) educated and entertained." Nov 2021

"…amazing walking tour…so well done!" Nov 2021

"… enthusiastic & knowledgeable tour guide." Nov 2021

"Jonathan's walks never fail to take me to places I've never seen before, interesting streets, little squares and even pubs I'd never seen. His depth of knowledge means you'll be satisfied as a tourist visiting London or someone who's lived here for ages." Oct 2021
"Another lovely and informative walk." Sep 2021
"I was totally unaware of the history and of the beautiful hidden gardens." Sep 2021
"Jonathan is the perfect tour guide. His genuine enthusiasm and natural charm make for an engaging couple of hours." Aug 2021
"...made history come alive!" Aug 2021
"A great afternoon - the highlight of my week!" Aug 2021
Client comments
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Looking east over London from St Paul's Cathedral



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